Deborah E. Allison

Deborah E. AllisonDeborah E. Allison

"While my role as Practice Administrator is to understand, and navigate the always changing health care environment, it is also to lead, inspire, mentor and effectively manage a diverse and multifaceted group of healthcare professionals. At the core and center of my daily activities is my responsibility, my passion, my obligation and self-directed duty to provide the best possible and highest quality experience for our patients.

As administrative leader of DeClaire LaMacchia Orthopaedic Institute, my personal pledge is to meet and exceed our patient’s expectations. Fueled by a quest for excellence, I use repetitive re-evaluation and process improvement to facilitate my goal by applying best practice and compliant strategies, and a unique vision to support some of the best physicians in their goals for practice development. With integrity, I spearhead a team that is completely patient focused.

With over twenty years’ experience in multi-specialty medical practice management, co-ownership of a hospital based Anesthesia and Pain Management practice, and a long tenure of voluntary hospital leadership on the Bradford Regional Medical Center Board of Directors I enjoy a keen interest in medicine. Additionally, I possess an innate ability to effectively communicate, develop and assist in reengineering the development of efficient methods for a compliant and productive private practice that leads to improved patient experiences."

Deborah E. Allison

Debbie graduated with Cum Laude honors from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and a minor in English and a Certificate of African Studies

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