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Dr. Keller leader with Pitchers, Publications, and Tommy John Surgery

Dr. Keller has a new international publication on Tommy John Surgery in Major League Baseball Players. While in Los Angels, working with the Dodgers, Dr. Keller put together one of the largest databases of MLB players that have undergone Tommy John Surgery. This current publication is the the number one read orthopaedic journal in the world, American Journal of Sports Medicine. Dr. Keller continues to be the most highly published person with regards to Tommy John Surgery in Michigan.

Testing a new approach to Post-surgery Pain

Ascension Crittenton Hospital orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine expert, Dr. Robert Keller, was interviewed live yesterday on WWJ Newsradio 950. Dr. Keller discussed the story of a college football player from the University of Central Florida, who despite losing a hand as a child, overcame the odds and is expected to be selected in the NFL Draft.

Team Doc: Dr. Keller presents award at the 2018 Oakland University Black and Goal Awards!

Source : Patch, Aug 14, 2018: Backpacks: 'Pack it Light, Wear it Right'

Dr. Keller says selecting a backpack with well-padded shoulder straps is also very important. Shoulders and necks have many blood vessels and nerves that can cause pain and tingling in the neck, arms, and hands when too much pressure is applied. He says straps should be adjusted so the backpack fits snugly to the back to prevent muscle strain, and waist straps should be worn if available to help distribute weight more evenly.

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Source : Beckersasc, April 20, 2018: Orthopedic surgeons aim to forgo opioids in pilot study — 6 insights

Rob Keller, MD, and Nicholas Frisch, MD, are testing a proactive medication protocol, ClickOn Detroit reports. The approach may benefit physicians in the outpatient setting, who have less control over the medication patients take or how they're using it after discharge.

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Source : Clickondetroit, April 19, 2018: Testing a new approach to post-surgery pain

ROCHESTER, Mich. - Joshua Cox can easily raise his arms above his head. It's a simple move that was excruciating for Cox just four months ago.

"I'm a union ironworker, so we do the steel structures, buildings, bridges, skyscrapers," Cox said. "It's just wear and tear over the years between the manual labor that I do and lots of softball, baseball over the years."

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Source : Ascension, November 07, 2017: Ascension Crittenton physician publishes study in national surgical journal

The Washington Post

Robert Keller, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Ascension Crittenton Hospital, part of Ascension Michigan, participated in a research study recently published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

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Source : The Washington Post, March 25th, 2015: Two Tommy John surgeries may be too much of a good thing for MLB pitchers

The Washington Post

Tommy John surgery has saved the playing careers of thousands of amateur and professional baseball players since surgeon Frank Jobe developed it in 1974. Jobe tried out the orthopedic procedure, technically known as ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, on pitcher Tommy John, who went on to pitch for 13 more years and retired from baseball at age 46.

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Source : Forbes Magazine, November 20, 2014: Innovation in Healthcare Exemplified at Henry Ford Health System

forbes magazine

Detroit has had its difficulties, but there are many signs of a comeback. One organization that’s leading the way in Motor City is Henry Ford Health System, founded one hundred years ago by the automotive innovator of the same name.

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Source : The Denver, February 13, 2016: Tyler Chatwood attempts return to Rockies’ rotation after second Tommy John surgery

The Denver

The scar running beneath Tyler Chatwood’s right elbow is his baseball timeline. It illustrates his perseverance and his frustration. It’s a reminder of what he has done and what he must still overcome. There is no doubt in Chatwood’s mind that he can return from his second Tommy John surgery and become a stabilizing force in the Rockies’ rickety rotation.

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Source : New York Times, May 21, 2016: Fastballs Can Lead to Tommy John Surgery, Study Finds

Fastballs Can Lead to Tommy John Surgery

About a quarter of major league pitchers have had Tommy John surgery, and the reason for the epidemic has been unclear.Various studies have suggested that pitching mechanics, the anatomy of a pitcher’s arm, curveballs, pitching fatigue, pitch velocity or just pitching too many innings could be the problem.

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Source : Prime Time Sports, June 8th, 2016: TV/Radio Simulcast Interview

Fastballs Can Lead to Tommy John Surgery

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Source : USA Today, May 24, 2016: Study shows connection between fastballs and Tommy John surgery

USA Today

In baseball’s enduring struggle to understand the root cause of the Tommy John epidemic, there have been many losses and Pyrrhic victories. All that’s missing is an actual answer, leaving teams to digest correlations and presumptions. This month, more data came out that will only further muddy the conventional wisdom about pitching and what causes injuries while doing it.

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Source : Sports Illustrated, June 15, 2016: Throwing curveballs – not fastballs – linked to Tommy John Surgery

Sports Illustrated

After picking up the grip and technique from the black and white photos of Tom Seaver’s The Art of Pitching, Barry Zito threw his first curveball at age seven. Fifteen MLB seasons and thousands of curveballs later, Zito retired with one Cy Young award, two World Series rings and a perfect elbow.

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